Flying Robots For Your Business.

Save your employees from carrying out manual tasks
so that they can invest their time where it matters.

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Why our robots?


Orby is a safe flying robot that can navigate itself inside an indoor environment using cameras and sensors.


Our robots can scan aisles, check stock, and identify missing or misplaced items. They turn your employees into superheros.


Need to keep an eye on your business or help out a customer find something, our robots can do it for you.

End to End Solution

Autonomous Robot

Safe Flying Robot

Artificial Intelligence

On the edge

Inventory & Task

Companion Tablet

Business Analytics

On the cloud

Flight Plan

Our robots travels down a row of shelves from top to bottom scanning barcodes & items and matching it with the corresponding location.

  • Mapping

    Our robots can help you map your business - superstores, warehouses or even large scale buildings. They learn to fly around the building safely and swiftly over time.

  • Scheduling

    Using our companion app, the manager can schedule tasks and plan flights beforehand. The robots will autonomously take-off, fly and return to the station after finishing their tasks.

  • Tracking

    Keep track of your inventory and other assets using our AI platform. Our robots can stream video to the companion app and save archived flight videos on the cloud for in depth analysis.

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Companion Tablet

Scan Barcodes and map inventory to seek better understanding of what is in stock with our robots.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Orby?

Orby is a safe indoor flying robot that can navigate through tight spaces autonomously and help you map and tag your data. If you run a big warehouse or a small store, Orby can keep an eye on your assets, your operations and your people.

What does Orby solve?

Currently, businesses hire employees to do manual and repeatable tasks like scanning barcodes, checking inventory for misplaced, mispriced or mislabled items, and surveillance. We believe our robots can do these tasks and free up associates so that they can spend more time with the customers.

Can I try before I buy?

We are currently running pilot programs with some of our customers. If you feel this can help your employees, reduce cost and time, please get in touch.

Can I see a demo?

We only do on-premise demo for clients who are looking to run a pilot program with us. To see some of our previous demos, please email us at talk[at]

Save cost and time

Reduce human errors that can threaten loss of millions of dollars by mapping your inventory over time and space.

*Works indoors

Mountain View, CA USA